About Dave Freeman

Dave Freeman is an SEO consultant based in London, currently working at MPG Media Contacts as their Head of SEO. Dave has a wealth of experience gained from working as an in-house SEO, a consultant and agency side. Dave has developed and led SEO strategies for businesses ranging from small aspiring start-ups to multinational corporations and has a proven track record of delivering results that matter (conversion, revenue and traffic), across a range of sectors including: retail, travel, telecommunications, finance and investment, sport, property, recruitment and online gaming/gambling.

Dave’s commercial experience is backed up with a BCS (Hons) degree in computing science from The University of East Anglia, where his core focus was information retrieval (search engine algorithms), web programming and database systems. Dave found the information retrieval aspect of the degree particularly useful as he developed his own search engine, this included writing the rankings algorithms, crawling the web and returning the results in a fast and efficient manner. These units turned out to form the foundations of Dave’s move in to SEO.

Dave is a firm believer that to produce a truly successful SEO campaign the strategy must integrate social media, online PR, conversion analytics, usability testing and the integration of any other online and offline marketing channels.

Dave currently works for the Global Media Agency MPG Media Contacts as Head of SEO. Alongside his work at MPG Media Contacts, Dave is also:

Previous to joining MPG Media Contacts Dave worked within the dynamic London office of Latitude Group as the Senior SEO Strategist.

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